Jacques Marie Mage Photoshoot X Kate Bosworth

Jacques Marie Mage Photoshoot X Kate Bosworth

Limited-edition designer goods brand Jacques Marie Mage (J.M.M.) continues its trajectory as an industry innovator with another powerful collaboration, this time with actress/producer Kate Bosworth and writer/director Michael Polish. The project is inspired by the couple’s appreciation for Americana, as well their dynamic interpretation of the longstanding Artist-Muse relationship, a dichotomy they admit to inhabiting fluidly and interchangeably since their marriage in 2013. 
Their recent exploration of eyewear has resulted in two new J.M.M. styles: “Fascination Street” and “Son of a Gun”, designed by Bosworth and Polish, respectively. 
While both glasses draw inspiration from dramatically different sources (Polish from his Pilot father and Bosworth from Marilyn Monroe), the designs are linked by the couple’s shared sense of love and creativity.

Palomine Productions and Studio 10 prove just how smart horses are...

This morning Palomine model Ebony ventured into the Channel 10 studios at Pyrmont to take part in an experiment to see which animal really is the smartest.  

Animal behavourist Laura Vissaritis of Dognitive Therapy explained how a dogs make their humans work for them, and will tend to turn to their master for help with getting what they want.  

Horses can very quickly learn a cue to receive a reward, a fact which Ebony demonstrated very nicely by almost instantaneously learning to touch her nose on the 'magic wand' to gain a slice of apple.

Cats on the other hand...

Thanks to Channel Ten and Studio 10 for proving what we have always known, that horses are the smartest and the best!




Making bridal dreams come true

Palomine Productions is now collaborating with easyweddings.com.au, Australia's Number 1 online wedding resource helping tens of thousand of brides to plan their perfect day.

Many-a-bride has always wistfully dreamed of posing with (or on) a horse on her wedding day, but most don't know where to find one.  Some people may have a friend with a horse, but who's to say it's the right horse?! It's important! You need to know that the horse will be a positive feature of your special day rather than a menace, and most importantly that the happy couple and their guests are all going to be safe.

By choosing Palomine Productions the bride and groom will get the right horse for their wedding, styled to their exact requirements and handled (or ridden) by an expert. 

For more information or to book a horse for your upcoming wedding,  contact us directly or go to our easyweddings.com.au profile page

New Website is on!

In September 2015, Palomine Productions proudly launched this beautiful new website. Cleverly designed by rassa.com.au the website is elegant and professional, just like the business.  It showcases a selection of the available equine models, and recent completed work. We hope you enjoy exploring the website and find inspiration for your own projects within.