The 'Hot to Trot' story in Grazia Fashion (Issue 12) is the best I have ever seen horses look in a magazine, and believe me I have seen a lot of fashion shoots involving horses! They were so beautifully styled, picture perfect in fact. Chic model Alexandra A reported that working with the horses was effortless, she felt comfortable and safe at all times due to the expertise and professionalism shown by the Palomine Productions staff throughout the shoot.
Kathy Ward, Chic Management

Whoever said working with animals (and children) was a tough gig never worked with you.
Richard Kempsey, OneBarrackStreet

Our true supermodel of the day wasn’t the gorgeous Ligne from Norway it was Ebony from Palomine Productions. Not only did she truly brings something special to our photos, throughout the day of thunder, rain, lightning, alarms, planes and many many outfit changes she was professional, polite and didn’t once ask to stop for a coffee break. 
Binny, Binnywear

"Quinn is a superstar! On set he was a very pleasurable horse to work with, photographed beautifully and offered plenty of charm and charisma! "

Amber, Amber Sceats Jewellery